Dark Knight Against The Mothman

Dark Knight lives the double life: respected Police Lieutenant in the day, Costume Man in the night. He is THRILLED, but who is The Mothman, and what is he up to? Every evening, Knight invites a different man of the city to dine chicken dinner with him at his favorite restaurant. None of them are the Mothman…but all of them are disgusting. Knight renounces his mission and takes an airplane away from Gotham City, a broken man.

Batman: Roll Into Future

Bat Man in a shouting match with his best friend Richard gets challenged he roll down a steep hill against the warning of his family’s trusted servants. Bat Man hits a ramp and falls into the ravine during his rolls. At the bottom of the Ravine Lake is a treasure box bearing an emblem the audience all recognize…the Bat Signal…

20 years later

Bat Man lives alone. He defeated crime long ago. No one calls him now. Bat MAn wonders how his life could have gone different and challenges audience to do the same.

Batman: Buried Alive

The verdict is in. All of Gotham City arrives at the baseball stadium to watch as Batman is buried alive in garbage dumped by HUGE military planes. Batman has three packed lunches and just 24 hours to find the exit of Trash Maze. …….but the Rat God is searching, too…

Batman: Origins

Bat Man is a P.O.W. whose Jailers force him to choose: be injected with bat powers…….or be injected with snake powers………

Batman: A NEw Dawn

Batman can achieve ANYTHING he sets his mind to. He lives in the natural history museum, where he feels a kinship with the primitive men. One day an asteroid flies at the city. Batman successfully convinces everyone to leave the city.